Min bild av Malmö

Picture Malmö 2024

Show us your picture of Malmö with an image and a short caption about what you lika about this city and why.

Time for the competition: 24:th of January to 18:th of August 2024

We would like to see many pictures of something that captures the essance of Malmö. It could be something beautiful, funny, peculiar or interessting. The picture oculd be of a location or of people you have met here. Just make sure you get premission from the people you take a picture of. We also accept drawings of Malmö.

Write a short caption to the picture that describes it. approximately two sentences.

Who can participate?

Anyone between the ages of six and thirteen is allowed to sen in their pictures.

When is the last day to participate?

The competition has been going on during the spring and it ends on the 18:th of August. Tävlingen startar den 24 januari. Sista tävlingsdag är den 18 augusti. Det går fint att skicka in flera bidrag!

Your pictures will be published here on minibladet.se and in our other outlets, like social media and exhibitions. Our partners will also have the opportunity to publish the pictures we recieve. Our partners are Sydsvenskan, Malmö stadsbibliotek, Garaget and Innocarnival.

Minibladets committee selects the winning picture. The committees decission can not be appealed against. The committee will let the winners know by e-mail or phone. If the winner can not be reached a new winner will be selected within a week.

How to participate:

  1. Snap a photo of something in Malmö that you like. You can also draw something if you like.
  2. Write a headline to the photo in a few words.
  3. Write a short caption to the picture, approximately two sentences, that describes the picture.
  4. Read the rules carefully.
  5. Send in your picture togehter with your parent or caregiver by the form on this page.


The competition is aimed towards children who are between 6 and thirteen years old. When sending in your contribution you promise that:

  • Your parents or caregiver have given you permission to enter the competition.
  • You, yourself have taken or drawn the picture.
  • What you write is true and that people in the picture have consented to beeing so
  • People in the picture under the age of 18 have their parents or caregivers permission to be in the picture.
  • You approve the picture to be published in Minibladets outlets.
  • You have not already submitted the same contribution

We, Minibladet, would like to make clear that:

  • We can make small changes to you caption or headline and crop the picture.
  • We do not take any responsibility for the material that you provide and it might get removed from our servers.
  • We do not publish contributions that could seem offensive or break any publishing laws.

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See the contributions

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Take a quiz about Malmö

Follow this link to take a quiz about Malmö based on the pictures we have recieved from this competition.

  • Send us your contribution!

    In accordence with our policy the pictures have to be send by a parent or caregiver. Please provide us with their e-mail as well. By using this form you as a parent or caregiver consent to Minibladet using the pictures in accordence to the rules that are stated on this page.
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